Thursday, 14 October 2010

How to Make a Cross Knot Friendship Bracelet

1- Make sure you know how to tie the knots :

  • Knot #1: Make a loop with the first string around the second string. Stick the end of the string that’s making the loop through the loop. Pull both ends of that string tight.
  • Knot #2: Make a loop with all of the strings around your finger,and pull the loop off your finger and put one end of the string through the loop. Pull both ends tight.
2- Let’s pretend that you have purple string and pink string.

  • Cut off three strands from both balls of string that are about 28-30 inches (71 - 76 cm) long each. Use the ruler to measure.
3- Put all of the strings together.

  • Tie “Knot #2" about an inch and a half (3.8 cm) from the top.
4- Take your first color.

  • Pretend that it’s purple. Grab all three strings and tie them around the pink strands making “Knot #1".
5- Take the pink strings and knot them around the purple strings.

6- Keep going until you get a good length.

  • It should look like this close-up at right
7- Make the bracelet as long as you want it to be and tie a “Knot #2" at the end.

  • Tie the ends together with a double-knot to complete the bracelet. Make sure that you can slip it on and off your wrist.
8- Give it to your friend!