Wednesday, 13 October 2010


In this blog I want to write about friendship. For me friendship is a blessed relationship. True friends cannot be purchased anywhere because friendship will only occur when have sincerity. I have four best friends who called Syafiqah, Suhaibah, Syahirah and Nisa. I still remember how I first meet Syafiqah and I always remember the memories. That morning , everyone busy look class shedule and list name which class will be studied. I also would not miss seeing and I my name in list class OM1E. Classes will start in a few minute but I still don't have freinds. Suddenly I saw three friends, two girls and one boy talking in a corner. Then I walked directly towards them along with my pink bag. When I reach in front of them I asking " You all class OM1E?" . One of two girls said " Yes, we all OM1E!" . I am pleased to say " Can I go to class together with all of you? " .The same girl answer can. She seem very friendly. After that, I start to be friends with the girl that name Syafiqah. Syafiqah and me always seated side by side in classes and do work together. We often sit together to hang out to see the behavior people around us. Even though we often fought, and sometimes Syafiqah sulk with me, but after a few days we are talking again as usual. Syafiqah was my first friend at the university and without she, I will feel lonely because no one would be sulk with me.

Suhaibah I've known since we a in a same group for work project. At first I was never directly criticized or even talk with she although we were in the same class. One day we got the same group for the presentation and she asked me to go along with her. Starting after that I continue to be friends with this girls who are interested in Korean singer. I am thankful to be friends with Suhaibah because she was very concerned about the feelings of friends and I can't find anyone to replace her.

Girls with gentle manners when speaking is Nurul Syahirah, I know through Suhaibah Mardzuki. She had never spoken with a high tone and always helping people. That's why I like to friend with she.

I was friends with Nisa through Syafiqah. Nisa was a beautiful girl. Nisa in my opinion was very mature and serious when doing a job. I love to spend time with Nisa because she is a good listener and she is like my sister because like to give advice to me.

I dont't care how their behaviour, I still love them. They are like my siblings without them I was lonely and not happy. You all still remember when we all go out for bowling and karaoke? It currently the most enjoyable and we all have fun. I want to apologize to my four best friends if there don't like my behaviour. I hope our friendship endured to the end of life and I just want to say, " I LOVE SYAFIQAH, SUHAIBAH, SYAHIRAH AND NISA". mmmuuaah......